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DB's Rattlesnake Stew

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Ingredients:My husband's creation using the slow cooker. He recently has adapted it to the pressure cooker (only 25 minutes). He keeps changing the ingredients so you never know what to expect.

3 Rattlesnakes cut up or
1-1/2 lb beef rump     roast; for beef stew or
4 cut up chicken     breasts
1 can corn
1 can peas or one cup frozen peas, thawed
5 carrots cut up
1 jar sliced mushrooms
salt, pepper, and stew spices (1 pkg)
1 can beef gravy in jar or can
1 onion sliced or pearl onions; cut up
5 pared potatoes quartered
1 can beef or chicken broth
1 beef or chicken bouillon cube
1 cup dry red wine
  1. Use any or all of the above gravy ingredients that you have in your pantry.
  2. Add canned vegetables during the last half hour of cooking on low heat so as not to lose the vitamin benefits.
  3. Cook in Crockpot on High for 4 hours and Low for 7 hours; Pressure cooker takes only 20-25 minutes. It's a snap.
  4. Great with cornbread or French bread for dipping.
    A nice winter stew.
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