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Sweet 'n Sour Pork Chops

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Ingredients: This came from a magazine many years ago and it's a 10
1 (4 oz) jar marashino cherries(do not cut up)
4 tsp salad oil
1 small onion, thinly sliced in strips
1 small green pepper, cut into strips
6 medium pork chops (use whole not cut)
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup water
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp catsup
1 orange per person (peel and use sections) or
1 can of pineapple chunks
1 cup hot cooked rice for each person
  1. Drain cherries; reserve 2 Tbsp syrup.
  2. Heat cooking oil in skillet; add onion and green pepper.
  3. Saute over medium heat until peppers are crisp/tender; stir 3 min.
  4. Remove vegetables and set aside.
  5. Trim pork chops of all visible fat.
  6. In same skillet, heat remaining 1 tsp oil; add chops and brown well.
  7. Remove skillet from heat; pour orange juice and water over chops.
  8. Return to low heat; cook/cover until chops are tender, about 25 min.
  9. Add the following:
    • drained cherries
    • cherry syrup
    • onion and green pepper
    • 2-4 tsp soy sauce
    • 2-4 tsp catsup
  10. Heat to boiling, stirring occasionally.
  11. Now add pineapple; don't mix; just heat until warm.
  12. Serve with rice.

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